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Sufferring Apparel

Sufferring Apparel Inc. supports Elephant preservation, protection and conservation.

Our company offers quality products combined with custom artwork that embodies the beauty and strength of Elephants, while bringing awareness of their march towards extinction.

Our goal is to help keep wild elephants roaming free for generations to come and to help end the practice of keeping captive elephants for religious festivals, chained at temples, or exploitation in the tourist, entertainment and logging industries world-wide.

To meet this goal, we donate $5 from every apparel item to valid organizations, sanctuaries and reserves dedicated to conservation, rescue, and preservation of Elephants around the world.

Please visit our blog page Elephant News so you can learn more about Elephants and what you can do to help.

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Sarah Levitin
About our Founder

Sarah Levitin has been an elephant advocate for most of her life.
When she went to the circus as a young girl and saw the elephants perform, she knew something wasn’t right in how they were trained and forced to entertain.
From that moment on, she continued to learn and support elephant issues that impact elephant lives and world elephant populations, ranging from captivity to trophy hunting.
Sarah wanted to bring elephant advocacy to others in wearable art and Sufferring Apparel was born. She hopes you enjoy wearing our apparel as much as she loves helping elephants.


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