Gods In Shackles

Gods In Shackles

 Many captive elephants in India are starved, chained, blinded, and beaten.

Captive Elephants in parts of India endure a horrific life of abject torture and abuse. They are made to stand while chained so tight their front and rear legs cannot move forward or backward. They bear the scars, physical and emotional, of senseless cruelty. Many are purposely blinded by their owners so they cannot see their abusers. Some owners make them balance a tall stick standing upright on the ground, resting against the side of their body and if the stick falls down to the ground, they are beaten mercilessly. 

In the video below, you can see the cruelty of chained abused elephants in India. Their legs bear the wounds and scars. Their feet are in terrible condition and in pain. Often at these festivals, they wear very ornate draping which hide the current wounds, possible malnutrition, and scars of abuse on their bodies.
 Sangita Iyer is a journalist and founding member of Voice of Asian Elephants Society (VFAES).

Their non-profit website link beloww highlights their mission, goals and education of the plight of Asian elephants in India with its focus beginning in Kerala. 


Voice for Asian Elephant Society

Sangita Iyer made a documentary, in 2016, Gods in Shackles which depicts the plight of captive elephants in Kerala, India. She was born and raised in Kerala and felt deep compassion towards the elephants that are used in festivals and chained at temples. Her goal is to help bring an end to captive elephants in India, with her initial focus on her home state of Kerala.

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