Wildlife S.O.S. Opens India’s First Elephant Hospital

Wildlife S.O.S. Opens India’s First Elephant Hospital

One of organizations Sufferring Apparel donates to is Wildlife S.O.S.

Wildlife S.O.S. is dedicated to rescuing captive, abused, injured, sick elephants and wildlife and providing much needed care to them!

You may remember the rescue of Raju by Wildlife S.O.S. that made headlines world-wide. The 50 year old elephant that cried when he was rescued after a life-time of being chained, abused and malnurished.

Now, Wildlife S.O.S has recently opened a 10,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the art elephant hospital in India. 

The hospital is jointly run by Wildlife S.O.S. and the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department.

“Wildlife SOS works to achieve this goal through its 10 wildlife sanctuaries and centers throughout India, an anti-poaching wildlife crime enforcement unit and one of the world’s busiest 24-hour wildlife hotlines.” - Kelli Bender, People Magazine.

To read about Gajraj, the 70 year old elephant, rescued and the care received at the new hospital, please click on the button below:

India's First Elephant Hospital


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