Sufferring Apparel Adopts Loijuk & Lili

Sufferring Apparel Adopts Loijuk & Lili

Sufferring Apparel adopted Loijuk on December 6, 2019! 

We always research the best places to send our donation money, and in 2019 we decided to help a elephant mother and daughter sponsored by David Sheldrick Wildfife Trust located in Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

We chose an older orphan. She was fourteen when we adopted her, wanting to help her continue her journey, and our annual adoption helps support both Loijuk and her beautiful girl, Lili.

In 2006, a five month female baby elephant arrived from the Samburu, West Gate Conservation area and taken to the Sheldrik Trust Orphan's Project.  She was found abandoned, weak and dehydrated by tribesmen who named her Loijuk, the name of an extensive nearby wetland swamp, that was dry during the season. She was a victim of drought in the region. Her mother had already succumbed.

On September 1 2019, after 13 years, Loijuk returned from the wild and give birth to Lili. She returns to the project once a month and lets the headkeeper, Benjamin Kyalo, bond with Lili.  See the video below.

Elephants, even babies, will turn their trunk upward wanting you to blow into it. In the video below you can see the keeper doing this action. They are no longer strangers. Lili will never forget him for as long as she lives.

Read Lili's story here

If you are interested in annual adoption of an elephant and/or rhino orphan, CLICK HERE.

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