Botswana Allows Trophy Hunting

Botswana Allows Trophy Hunting

In 2019, after a 5 year moratorium, the government of Botswana decided to allow Elephant trophy hunting to resume. Then, the COVID outbreak delayed any hunting for all of 2020

Unfortunately, in 2021, 287 licenses were issued for trophy hunting elephants and in December 2021, 83 licenses were auctioned to international trophy hunters as well. Right now there are only 130,000 elephants left in Botswana and with current culling of herds, there will be NO BULL elephants left in a decade. 

There are less than 20 big tuskers in the world left. A female elephant gives birth only once about every 5 years and gestation is 22 months. One female usually only gives birth to a maximum of 4 calves in her lifetime. More elephants are being hunted or poached than are being born.


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